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Welcome to St. Mungo's Youth Galleries.
Please enjoy, share and download these images if you are a member of, or affiliated to St. Mungo's Youth.
These pictures feature people, activities and events from our all year round programme and are overseen and controlled by a central administrator at St. Mungo's Church.
Please note, As part of our protection policy for our youth members, we have now initiated a parental permission system in order to allow images to appear on this site.
All youth who regularly attend St. Mungo events will be sent permission release forms. If the appropriate forms are not filled in and returned, then those involved will no longer appear in these galleries.
Also, we have just altered the access to the main galleries here by adding a password as an additional precaution.
Please feel free to request this at any time.

Any queries, please contact in the first instance Wendy Brown ( who administers the Youth programmes or Spike Allibone ( who administers the site.